The Slade Genealogy web site was created to help identify the various branches of the Slade family and to provide an exchange of information for researchers of the Slade surname. We are a totally volunteer, non-profit organization with a goal to assist other Slade researchers. 

The Slade surname first appeared in church and public records in Southwest England, and that appears to be origin of the family. Although many Slades stayed in their homeland, others migrated to Canada, Nova Scotia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and elsewhere. We welcome Slades worldwide to use this web site to learn about their family and exchange information.

Almost all Slade immigrants to the United States listed England as their place of origin/birth, whether in immigration records, the U.S. Census or other documents.

Progenitors of the six largest branches of the Slade family in the United States were here during colonial times. Each of these early branches have been studied by various researchers and several have been published.  A short summary of each branch can be found under the tab Slade Branches in the USA above.   More detailed information about these major branches as well as the many smaller branches and individuals is available offline.  Interested researchers are invited to contact us for exchange of information.  You may reach us by clicking on the compiler's name at the bottom of this page.

The Slade Surname DNA Project provides an opportunity for direct descendant Slade males to identify which branch they belong to and to confirm suppositions of conventional research methods. Slade males both in and outside the United States are invited to join the project as it will likely link those in the US to our European ancestors.

We would be pleased to correspond with anyone who is interested in researching or learning more about their Slade ancestry.  If you are interested in learning which branch you belong to or have information about any Slade families, please contact us.  We have a large database of Slade families in the US would like to exchange and share information with you.