Alfred M. Slade

(1799 - 25 November 1840)
     Alfred M. Slade was born in 1799 in Martin County, North Carolina.1 He was the son of General Jeremiah Slade and Janet Bog. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he became a member of the Dialectic Society in 1815. He earned a degree in law.
     Alfred married Elizabeth Ann Sutton on January 29, 1822. She was the daughter of Sarah Warborton and William Sutton. He was later appointed the United States Consul to Argentina at Buenos Aires from 1837 to 1840. Alfred died on November 25, 1840 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Child of Alfred M. Slade and Elizabeth Ann Sutton

  • Agnes Slade b. say 1824


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Joshua Slade

(say 1751 - )
     Joshua Slade was born say 1751 in Tyrell [later Martin] County, North Carolina.1 He was the son of Henry Slade and Mary Worley.
     Joshua married Elizabeth Wadle on December 9, 1769 in North Carolina.2 There is a listing of marriage bond for Joshua Slade in Tyrrell County on April 19, 1792, although the name of the bride is not shown. James Long is bondsman, could this be father of his later wife Sarah Long? Joshua is on the 1782 tax list Tyrrell County owning 120 acres and 6 slaves. No other Slade is on the Tyrrill County list. The 1784, 1785 & 1786 Tax List for Tyrrell County all show Joshua Slade, 160 acres of land, 1 free poll and 4 black polls.3 Joshua's listing in the 1790 census was: 1white male 16 or over, 1 white male less than 16, 2 white females, 6 slaves.
     Joshua married Sarah Long on February 10, 1794 in North Carolina.4 Joshua Slade signed the petition of 1779 to form a new county [Martin].

Census, Tax, Voter Records, & City Directories

YearLocationHead of Household
1790Tyrell [later Martin] County, North CarolinaJoshua Slade


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Ebenezer Slade Jr.

(say 1735 - 23 February 1787)
     Ebenezer Slade Jr. was born say 1735 in North Carolina. He was the son of Ebenezer Slade Sr and Agnes McNare. He resided in Martin County, North Carolina.1
     Ebenezer married Chloe Blount, daughter of Benjamin Blount and Affrica Smithwick.1 Ebenezer Slade Jr. was land was granted 800 acres known by the Home of the upper Island joining Blount line, Conner line, Ebenezer Slade Sr. line & his own line to the Roanoke River then up the various coasts of the River to Blounts line for the Cop. on December 27, 1778 in Martin, Georgia.2 He left a will on February 23, 1787 in Martin Co., North Carolina.3 Ebenezer died on February 23, 1787.1

Census, Tax, Voter Records, & City Directories

YearLocationHead of Household
1784Martin Co, North CarolinaEbenezer Slade Jr.4

Children of Ebenezer Slade Jr. and Chloe Blount

  • Benjamin Slade b. before 1774
  • Ebenezer Slade+ b. circa 1775, d. April 3, 1812
  • Thomas Slade 1 b. circa 1778
  • Henry Blount Slade+ 1 b. circa 1780, d. circa April, 1821
  • William Slade 1 b. circa 1782
  • Edmond Slade 1 b. circa 1784
  • Nancy Slade 1 b. circa 1784


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