Manerva A Russell1

(February 1873 - )
     Manerva A Russell was born in February, 1873 in North Carolina.1
     Manerva married James A Slade in 1887.1

Census, Tax, Voter Records, & City Directories

YearLocationHead of Household
1900Williamsburg, Rockingham, North Carolina, Milly Russell, mother-in-law, age 73, is also listed. James is farming land that he rents.James A Slade1
1910Williamsburg, Rockingham, North Carolina, James lists himself and all his children as mulatto. Farming on rented land.James A Slade2
1920Williamsburg, Rockingham, North Carolina, James listed himself and all his children as mulattoJames A Slade3
1930Williamsburg, Rockingham, North CarolinaJames A Slade4

Children of Manerva A Russell and James A Slade

  • Henry John Slade 1 b. June, 1888
  • George R (W?) Slade 1 b. January, 1890
  • Bula C. Slade 1 b. February, 1895
  • Major B. Slade 1 b. December, 1896
  • Mary C. Slade 1 b. January, 1899
  • Lillie B. Slade 2 b. 1902
  • Wesley Slade 2 b. 1903
  • Willie H. Slade 2 b. 1905
  • Peter Slade 3 b. 1908
  • Sarah Slade 3 b. 1910
  • Susie Slade 3
  • David S. Slade 3
  • Charles H. Slade 3


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Richard Lee Slade1

(21 September 1950 - 21 December 2021)
     Richard Lee Slade was born on September 21, 1950.1 He was the son of Dozie Slade and Loretha [?].1 Richard Lee Slade served in Richard enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving 23 years, retiring in 1992. He served as a Machinist Mate First Class, touring Vietnam three times from 1968-1971. During that time, he worked as a Career Recruited for the Force Development Academy; a US Navy Leader in the development program; a recruiter in charge of training; and in the US Navy Recruiting Orientation. His extraordinary career as a Naval officer earned him numerous service metals and distinctions. in 1968.1
     Richard married Debra Schrock on November 28, 2000.1 Richard died on December 21, 2021 in Midland, Midland, TX, at age 71.1


  1. [S8] Obituary, , Richard Lee Slade, Midland, TX, 21 Dec 2021, published by Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home, Midland, TX.