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Edward Slade (s 1835-)
Rebekah [?] (s 1835-)
Mary J. Parsons (c 1860-1898)
John R. Slade (1887-1963)
Cicily Butt (1889-)
Emily M. Slade (1909-)
Hilda Slade (1912-)
Elizabeth Perry (1886-)
Nora Slade (1914-)
Bertha Slade (c 1919-)
Selina Moores (c 1895-1951)
Silvie Slade (1916-)
Effie Vaters (1920-)
Sandra Slade
Bertha L. Slade (1940-b 2016)
Robert J. Slade (1944-2009)
Frances H. Butt (1948-2016)
Wanda Slade
Franklyn Slade
Randy Slade
Ronald D. Slade (1947-2020)
Mary Baldwin
Ray Slade
Rod Slade
Rick Slade
Emily Slade (1889-1906)
Isaac Slade (1895-)
Leah Parsons (c 1898-)
Mary J. Slade (c 1921-b 2005)
Albert Slade
Jennie Slade (c 1927-b 2005)
Arthur Slade (c 1928-2000)
Elizabeth Oates (1932-2001)
Andrea Slade
Isaac W. Slade (c 1932-)
Mina Peckham (1935-)
Noel Slade (-b 2005)
Kelly Slade
Perry Slade (-b 2005)
Roger Slade (-b 2005)
Jamie Slade
Scott Slade
Diane Slade
Leah Slade
George A. Slade (c 1935-2020)
Rita Penney (1941-2016)
Curtis Slade
Paul Slade
Cavelle Slade
Alvina Slade (c 1940-b 2005)
John Slade (1862-)