Thomas William Slade1,2

b. 1802, d. circa 1880
     Thomas William Slade was born in 1802 in London, England.1
     Thomas married Janet [?].3
     Thomas married second Margaret Tattrie in 1831 in Canada.4 Thomas William Slade died circa 1880. He was buried in Bayhead Cemetery, Tatamagouche, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada.3

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1861Colchester County, Nova Scotia, CanadaThomas William Slade5
1871Tatamagouche, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, CanadaThomas William Slade6

Child of Thomas William Slade and Janet [?]

Children of Thomas William Slade and Margaret Tattrie


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James Gideon Slade1

b. 20 February 1875, d. 13 August 1962
     James Gideon Slade was born on February 20, 1875 in Randolph County, Arkansas, [1900 census records b Feb 1876, His father was born in Tennessee and his mother born in Arkansas] Unsourced material indicates his parents were James Slade & Sarah Blackburn. This is taken as only a clue until further evidence is found.2,1
     James married Rachael Lavinia Crumley, daughter of John H. Crumley and Missouri Josephine Sanders, on September 12, 1894 in Independence County, Arkansas.2,3 James Gideon Slade was registered for the military draft in World War I on September 12, 1918 in Arkansas.1 He died on August 13, 1962 at age 87. He was buried in Wren Farm Cemetery, Cushman, Independence County, Arkansas.4

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1900Big Creek Twp, Sharp County, ArkansasJames Gideon Slade2
1910Batesville, Independence County, ArkansasJames Gideon Slade5
1920Independence County, ArkansasJames Gideon Slade6
1930Union Twp, Independence County, ArkansasJames Gideon Slade7
1940Union Twp, Independence County, ArkansasJames Gideon Slade8

Children of James Gideon Slade and Rachael Lavinia Crumley


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Charles Slade1

b. before 1770, d. circa 1820
     Charles Slade was born in England apparently before 1770.1 Charles married Mary Otis apparently in England, prior to arriving in the United States. The firm of Carne & Slade advertised their hardware goods regularly in the Alexandria Journal newspaper. By 1806, the ads were by Charles Slade, leading us to believe that Carne died, or they dissolved the hardware partnership arrangement. Various ads for Charles Slade hardware continued until about 1820, when it is presumed that Charles died. Charles Slade died circa 1820 in Alexandria, Alexandria County, Virginia. Charles' will was dated December 25, 1810, although apparently, he did not die until about 1820 when his estate was probated. A copy of his will may be seen by clicking the following icon.

Note: Alexandria County was renamed Arlington County in 1921. Some records in this era might be listed as either.

Children of Charles Slade and Mary Otis


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William Slade1

b. circa 1638, d. before 10 June 1676
This William Slade is the first of his branch to be found in the American Colonies
and is considered to be the Progenitor of the Slade Branch of Maryland.1

William Slade was born circa 1638 in England.1 The wife of William Slade has not been identified.1 He died before June 10, 1676 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.1

William Slade filed a will in Baltimore County Prerogative Court (Wills) 20, pp 276-279 - William SLADE 19 May 1731.

Children of William Slade


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John Wesley Slade1

b. before 1795
     John Wesley Slade was born before 1795 likely in Richmond, Virginia.1 [Date of his birth bef 1795 was estimated based on the assumtion that he was at least 19 years when his son James Adkins Slade was born].

He moved to Randolph County, Illinois and became the first Trustee of Sparta, Illinois, in 1934.1

A biographical sketch written about James Adkins Slade in the Reynolds County, Missouri Sesquicentennial Year publication indicates that James Adkins' father was John Wesley Slade of Richmond, Virginia, who settled in Randolph County, Illiinois about 1830.

There was another John Wesley Slade who was named as a son in the 1826 will of John Slade of Richmond, Virginia. However, that John Wesley Slade mentioned in the will was still a minor in 1826, indicating he was born after 1808, making him about the same age as James Adkins Slade. Thererfore, the two John Wesley Slade's are more likely to be cousins rather than the same person. However, it should also be noted that James Adkins Slade of Missouri named his first son John Wesley Slade. We feel with some certainly, that these two families must be closely related in some manner.

Another train of thought, and possibility is that the Sesquicentennial publication was in error and the John Adkins Slade wasactually the James "G" Slade mentioned in the 1826 will who was son of Jonah Slade, brother of John Slade of Richmond.1

Child of John Wesley Slade


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Jesse Slade1

b. 1781, d. 30 August 1854
     Jesse Slade was born in 1781 in Virginia.1 His 1800 Surry Marriage Bond states that Jesse is son of William Slade, Sr., but we have found no other evidence.2,3
     Jesse married Mary James on December 25, 1800 in Surry County, Virginia.2 Jesse Slade died on August 30, 1854 in Virginia.4

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1850Southwark Parish, Surry County, VirginiaWyatt Slade1

Children of Jesse Slade and Mary James


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Henry Slade

d. circa 1721
This Henry Slade is the first of his branch to be found in the American Colonies and is
considered to be the Progenitor of the Slade Branch of Coastal North Carolina.1

According to a chart prepared by his great grandson, General Jeremiah Slade, Henry Slade was born likely iabout 1635, in England and married there before coming to America. However, no document has yet been found to confirm those claims.1,2 Henry Slade was involved in a Court case on November 15, 1658 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia.3

Henry married Hannah Loveridge1, the daughter of Temperance and William Loverage, supposedly in England.4 On May 1, 1668, John West was granted 600 acres in Albemarbe County, North Carolina for transporting nine people into North Carolina, including Henry Slate and Wm Loveridge.5 Henry Slade was warranted 60 acres in Albemarle for the transportation of one person on September 7, 1669, indicating he was likely of age by this date.6 Power of Attorney to Henry Slade of Currituck dated June 17, 1677 by Mordecay Bowden of Rhode Island. Note: The Northern part of the territory now composed of North and South Carolina was called Albermarle County from 1663 to 1689. Currituck was originally a prcinct of Albermarle County and extended from the Virginia line South to Pamlico Sound.3

On April 29, 1693, Henry Slade was granted a Virginia patent for land in Lower Norfolk described 1078 acres of high land and low being is seated Plantation in Currituck precinct upon the lower Indian creek of the north west river. Source: Land Office Patents No. 8, 1689-1695, p. 311 (Reel 8). Henry, Sr.'s 3 ton Plantation Shallop built in 1690 was named The Samuel of North Carolina. Henry Slade's will was dated 1721, making him about 80 if he was born as early as 1640.

Henry Slade and very likely died circa 1721 in Sladesville, Hyde County, North Carolina.2

Children of Henry Slade and Hannah Loveridge


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Richard Slade1

b. circa 1803, d. between January 1882 and March 1882
     Richard Slade was born circa 1803 in South Barron, Somerset, England.2
     Richard married Jane Edwards, daughter of Thomas Edwards and Nancy Taylor.1 Richard Slade was a butcher.3 He died between January, 1882 and March, 1882 in Axbridge, Somerset, England.4

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1851Hutton, Somerset, EnglandRichard Slade2
1861Hutton, Somerset, EnglandRichard Slade5
1871Hutton, Somerset, England, a butcher, their son, George, living next doorRichard Slade6
1881Hutton, Somerset, EnglandRichard Slade1

Children of Richard Slade and Jane Edwards

  • George Slade 1 b. circa 1837
  • Edward Slade+ 1 b. circa 1841, d. 1904
  • James Slade 2 b. circa 1845
  • Elizabeth Slade 2 b. circa 1848
  • Mary Ann Slade 2 b. circa 1850


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William Slade1,2

b. circa 1681, d. 28 September 1778
This William Slade is the first of his branch to be found in the American Colonies
and is considered to be the Progenitor of the Slade Branch of Connecticut.2

William Slade was born circa 1681 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.2
     William married Thankful Hutchinson, daughter of John Hutchinson and Hanna Root, on July 12, 1716 in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut.1 William Slade died on September 28, 1778 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He was buried in Ellington Center Cemetery, Ellington, Tolland County, Connecticut.1

Children of William Slade and Thankful Hutchinson

  • Samuel Slade b. April 28, 1717, d. November 3, 1739
  • William Slade+ b. April 23, 1719, d. August 8, 1755
  • Aaron Slade b. August 9, 1721, d. October 3, 1737
  • Mary Slade b. May 20, 1724
  • John Slade+ b. July 4, 1727, d. March 17, 1797
  • James Slade+ b. April 18, 1730, d. April 19, 1812
  • Hanna Slade b. March 6, 1735, d. July 21, 1805


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Bartholomus Slade1

b. before 1770, d. circa 1797
     Bartholomus Slade was born before 1770 very likely in Virginia.1 Bartholomus Slade was named on the personal property tax rolls of the City of Richmond, Virginia for the years of 1794-1796.1 He died likely circa 1797 or moved from the area because he no longer appears on the tax rolls in this area after this time.1

[Compiler's note: Bartholmus Slade was found on the tax rolls as indicated. However, the relationship of Bartholomew being father of the brothers John and Jonah is only our speculation for study and not yet supported by documentation. However, his son, Jonah, did name his second son Bartholemew, giving some credence to the theory]

Bartholomus could be a corrupt spelling of the name Bartholemew.

Children of Bartholomus Slade


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William Slade1

b. before 1630
This William Slade is the first of his branch to be found in the American Colonies and
is considered to be the Progenitor of the Slade Branch of Bristol, Massachusetts. The family is said to have come from Somersetshire, England. As of June 24, 2019, we have identified 876 direct descendants of William.1

William Slade was likely born before 1630 in Somerset, England.1 He was the son of Edward Slade.1 William's father is said to be Edward Slade from Somersetshire, England. William was made a freeman of Newport, Rhode Island on August 23, 1659. In 1680, he removed to what is now Somerset, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He bought land in the Plymouth Colony, in the Shawomet Purchase in Swansea from John Gray of Plymouth on 12 October 1682. We have found no later record of William. He may have died in Newport, Rhode Island, or at sea sometime after the purchase of land. After his death, his son, William, settled on his land.1

Child of William Slade


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Henry George Slade1

b. circa 1818
     Henry George Slade was born circa 1818 in East Coker, Somerset, England.1 He was christened on May 7, 1826 in Poorstock, Dorset, England.2,3
     Henry married Eve Studley.1

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1851Stoke Abbott, Dorset, EnglandHenry George Slade1
1861Stoke Abbott, Dorset, EnglandHenry George Slade4

Children of Henry George Slade and Eve Studley

  • George Slade 1 b. circa 1842
  • Henry Peach Slade+ 1 b. circa 1844, d. July 15, 1900
  • Jane Slade 1 b. circa 1848
  • Emily Slade 5 b. 1851
  • Frederick Slade 5 b. circa 1856
  • Ruben Slade 5 b. circa 1860


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John Slade1

b. circa 1739, d. 14 September 1791
This John Slade is the first of his branch to be found in the American Colonies and is considered to be
the Progenitor of the Slade Branch of Chelsea, Massachusetts, also known as "The Spice Slades."1

John Slade was born circa 1739 likely in England, although we have not yet found any documentation for this theory.1 First record of John Slade is found in the Boston area before the American Revolution. He is likely the John Slade "of Salem" who was married to Martha Pierce of Charleston, Massachusetts on March 28, 1771 by the Rev. Samuel West. The Rev. Mr. West also officiated at other Slade marriages. Apparently, Martha only lived a few years after the marriage and no children are recorded.1 On March 18, 1774, John Slade purchased 106 acres of property at the junction of Rosemary Brook and the Charles River, Suffolk County, from the estate of James Bowdoin.2
     John married second Hannah Torrey, daughter of Caleb Torrey and Mary Clap, on August 4, 1776 in Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.3,4 John was listed as an 'Innholder in Wings Lane' at a Boston Selectmen's meeting on Sept. 11, 1776.5 In October, 1785, John Slade resided in Chelsea, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; Between about 1635 and 1786 a series of owners in that part of Rumney Marsh called 'The Panhandle', including Samuel Bennett, owned parcels of land which were purchased by John Slade of Chelsea on January 13, 1786. The house, known as Rumley Hall, was built in 1656 and was the oldest house still standing in 1937. The property became known as the Bennett-Slade estate.6 In 1786, John Slade sold the Bowdoin Farm 106 acres, to Benj. Henderson of Boston for 300 pounds.7
     John died on September 14, 1791 in Chelsea, Massachusetts; Bible entry: 'John Slade, the father of these children, died in September 1791, the fouteenth day after a painful illness of diarrhea. Aged 52.8,9 He was buried in a vault at the rear of the Unitarian Church in Chelsea, Massachusetts.10 His estate was probated on October 11, 1791 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.11

Children of John Slade and Hannah Torrey

  • Mary Slade+ b. September 2, 1778, d. November 10, 1864
  • John Slade Jr.+ b. April 27, 1780, d. June 10, 1855
  • Robert Slade+ b. April 19, 1783, d. November 8, 1819
  • Lucretia Slade b. February, 1785
  • Isaac Slade+ b. March 8, 1787, d. August 24, 1830
  • Lucy Slade+ b. September 15, 1789, d. October 14, 1859
  • Henry Slade+ b. August 18, 1791, d. November 26, 1868


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John Frank Slade

b. 1795, d. before 20 October 1868
The parents of this John Frank Slade have not yet been identified. However, he has close Y-DNA test matches with five confirmed descendants of the Coastal North Carolina Slade Branch. see: Y-DNA Kits#; 30350, 37848, 62638, 142483, 100027. Anyone having further evidence of the parents of this Samuel, please contact the compiler below.

John Frank Slade was born in 1795 in North Carolina.1
     John married first Mary Messick on December 10, 1816 Craven County, North Carolina.2
     John married second Rutha Riggs on March 13, 1838 in Craven County, North Carolina.2 John Frank Slade died before October 20, 1868 in Pamlico County, North Carolina.2

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1850Craven County, North CarolinaJohn Frank Slade1
1860Craven County, North Carolina, North of the Neuse River,John Frank Slade3

Children of John Frank Slade and Mary Messick

  • Shadrack Slade 1 b. 1828
  • Nancy Slade 1 b. 1830
  • Holland Slade 1 b. 1832
  • Calvin Slade 1 b. 1834
  • Abner DeWitt Slade+ 2 b. April, 1838

Children of John Frank Slade and Rutha Riggs


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John Joseph Slade1

b. 28 January 1819, d. 25 December 1901
     John Joseph Slade was born on January 28, 1819possibly in Brunswick County, Virginia.2
     John married Harriet Susan Thomason, daughter of Bannister Thomason and Mary Polly Taylor, on September 1, 1842 in Virginia.1 John Joseph Slade died on December 25, 1901 at age 82.1 He was buried in Slade Family Cemetery near Clear Fork, Tazewell County, Virginia.3

Legend has it that the site of the cemetery was located when John Joseph Slade, preparing to leave and enlist in the Confederate Army, took his wife to a site on the mountainside above the Slade Homestead on Clear Fork, Tazewell County, Virginia and told her if anyone in the family died before his return, they were to be buried on that site.

A John J. Slade enlisted in Company L of the 45th Virginia Infantry on September 9, 1861 at big Sewell. Sick on 11/61. Transferred to the 23rd Battalion. (from regimental history of the 45th Virginia Infantry by J. L. Scott, c. 1989 H. E. Howard, Inc., Lynchburg, VA)

A John J. Slade of Company C of the 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry; Enlisted 9/3/61 in Jeffersonville* (*the town of Tazewell, VA was known as Jeffersonville during much of the 19th Century). He deserted 8/1/62. (from regimental history of the 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry by J. L. Scott, c. 1991 H. E. Howard, Inc., Lynchburg, VA.)4

Children of John Joseph Slade and Harriet Susan Thomason


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Robert Slade1

b. circa 1759, d. 2 December 1818
     Robert Slade was born circa 1759 in Somerset, England.1
     Robert married Elizabeth Beard on December 1, 1788 in Somerset.1 Robert Slade died on December 2, 1818 in Somerset.1

Child of Robert Slade and Elizabeth Beard


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Charles Everett Slade1

b. 11 December 1845
     Charles Everett Slade was born on December 11, 1845 in Pennsylvania.2,3 He was baptized on February 23, 1852 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.3
     Charles married Nancy Perkins Mallard, daughter of [?] Mallard and Susan S. [?], on March 26, 1869 in Anderson County, Texas.2,4 As a First Leutenent, he returned to duty at Fort Stanton, New Mexico.5 The census lists his occupation as an officer in the United States Army. The City Directory for Palestine, Texas, published June 1, 1877, listed Charles E. Slade, car repairer I&GN shops, residence Murchison Street.6 The Parish Register of the St. Philips Episcopal Church, Palestine, Texas listed as members: Mr. Slade, Katie, Ebert and Frank. Presumibly, this was about 1888.7

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1870Fort Stanton, Lincoln County, New MexicoCharles Everett Slade2

Children of Charles Everett Slade and Nancy Perkins Mallard


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George Slade1

b. circa 1801, d. Oct-Nov-Dec 1842
     George Slade was born circa 1801 in Bath, Avon, Somerset, England.1 He was the son of Jesse Slade.2
     George married Catherine Vincent on August 6, 1824 in Bath, Somerset, England, Sparkford Parish.3 George was listed as a lawyer on James' baptism record 1833.4 George Slade died Oct-Nov-Dec 1842 in Bath, Somerset, Q4.5

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1841Bath, Weston, Somerset, EnglandGeorge Slade6

Children of George Slade and Catherine Vincent


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Samuel Slade

b. 1810, d. circa 1874
     Samuel Slade was born in 1810 in North Carolina.1
     Samuel married Ann Mariah Smith in 1852 in Hyde County, North Carolina.2,3 Samuel Slade died circa 1874.4 His estate was probated on March 6, 1875 in Beaufort County, North Carolina.4

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1850Currituck Twp, Hyde County, North CarolinaSamuel Slade5
1870Sladesville, Hyde County, North CarolinaSamuel Slade6

Children of Samuel Slade and Ann Mariah Smith


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Charles Edwin Slade1

b. circa 1866
     Charles Edwin Slade was born circa 1866 in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England.1
     Charles married Sarah Dudley circa 1889.1

Children of Charles Edwin Slade and Sarah Dudley


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John P. Slade1

b. circa 1775
     John P. Slade was born circa 1775 in Virginia.2
     John married Temperance Pond, daughter of John P. Pond and Selah [?], on July 16, 1810.1 He served in the 65th Regiment from August to October 1814, led by Captain Blow and recruited in Southampton.
     On March 13, 1818, John P. Slade and his wife Tempe sold her portion of Southampton land to her brother Richard Pond. This is the tract mentioned in her father's will that was lent to her mother as long as she lived and then went to Tempe and her sisters.3

Child of John P. Slade


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John S. Slade1

b. 1787
     John S. Slade was born in 1787 in North Carolina.1
     John married Elizabeth Wallace Cartmill circa 1816 in Botetourt County, Virginia.1

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1830Lafayette County, MissouriJohn S. Slade2
1850Jefferson Twp, Andrew County, MissouriJohn S. Slade1
1860Rochester, Andrew County, MissouriJohn Hicklin3

Children of John S. Slade and Elizabeth Wallace Cartmill


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Henry T. Slade1

b. circa 1808, d. circa 1848
     Henry T. Slade was born circa 1808 likely in Virginia.2,3
     Henry married Mariah Freeman on January 15, 1829 in Surry County, Virginia.1
     Henry married Matilda M. Freeman on August 9, 1839 in Virginia.1 Henry T. Slade died circa 1848 in Virginia.4

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1840Surry County, Virginia, indicating one male age 5-10 and one 30-40. One female under 5, another 5-10, and 20-30Henry T. Slade5

Child of Henry T. Slade and Mariah Freeman

Children of Henry T. Slade and Matilda M. Freeman


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William Sled1

b. circa 1815
     William Sled was born circa 1815 in Virginia.1
     William married Sophia Ann Howell, daughter of Moses Howell, on February 15, 1841 in Franklin County, Virginia.2

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1860S. W. Dist, Franklin County, VirginiaWilliam Sled1

Children of William Sled and Sophia Ann Howell

  • Joseph B. Slade+ 1 b. circa 1841
  • Elizabeth Sled 1 b. circa 1842
  • Monroe Sled 1 b. circa 1846
  • Catherine Sled 1 b. circa 1848
  • Jenny Sled 1 b. circa 1851
  • Emily Sled 1 b. circa 1853


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BLANK for Henrie Slade Baronet Nigels line

b. 1570
     BLANK for Henrie Slade Baronet Nigels line was born in 1570 in England.

John Slade1

b. circa 1819
     John Slade was born circa 1819 in Polperro, Cornwall, England.2
     John married Ann H. [?]2

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1861Liskeard, Cornwall, EnglandJohn Slade2
1871Pensilva, Cornwall, EnglandJohn Slade3

Children of John Slade and Ann H. [?]


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